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My flex shop started as a brand where our customers could visit to let loose and find all their style and fashion inspiration all in one place. For us, it was an expression of our own style too, where we could display closet items and put them up for sale, more like a mood board that we turned into a business. We thought that if we like all these styles and fashion trends so much, we couldn’t have been the only ones and if we, in fact, aren’t it felt incumbent on us to bring that dream or passion, whatever you want to call it, to reality!

Fashion has been around since the advent of civilization, sure it has refined over the centuries and now even decades. There is a reason when we feel fashionable our whole body language changes, the self-confidence boost reflects in how we start to carry ourselves. Fashion stands at the summit of self-expression which is why people of all kinds have styles that are so unique to their personalities.

Our mission is to encourage more and more people to be confident in their self-expression while being able to do it at the best and most affordable prices with premium quality and a seamless service.

We offer a range of kimonos, dresses, bikinis, high heels, wedge sandals just to name a few and we make it absolutely sure that each product is not only offered in an array of styles – bohemian, vintage, glam, chic, exotic, classic, plain etc, but also that it is available in a range of inclusive sizes as we don’t want to leave anyone behind. Your size does not dictate your self-expression, if what you want to wear is what you want to wear… you go girl!

The whole flex shop team feels tremendously privileged to be able to offer you our services and add, even if it’s a little, color into your life.

You are who you are and nothing should stop you from flaunting that. Stand proud!

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